Whatever they’re doing looks stupid


Pouts on their faces, snorking gear, bikinis, and boxing poses. I don’t know what to say. I’m not aroused or scared. Double fail.


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This emo kid looks stupid


Open letter to his parents: You better hope he’s gay – it’ll be way easier on him.

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Looking left when you should be looking right looks stupid


Tourists, huh? Cars are coming from the right buck-o. But then again, maybe if you get hit by a car you’ll have enough sense knocked into you to get you to never wear those socks again

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Rubber dresses and blue wigs look stupid


“Normally I would stay home and watch Lost on a Saturday night, but my LCD TV broke and the loaner is that 13″ model in the background. So forget it, I’m taking this rubber dress, my knee-high socks and this blue wig and hitting the club with my backpack on. God I miss raves.”

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Making a prison out of your hair looks stupid


“Dear classmates,

None of you really understand me. I thought that sulking around and listening to heavy metal would signify my feelings, but it did not. Well¬† I’m uping the ante today. Just in case you didn’t understand how alone I feel, I am fashioning my hair into a prison. I am trapped inside my body with my tormented soul. I stare at the sky hoping to escape these feelings.


Dear William – Shut up.

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Dudes wearing all pink look stupid


Note to self: As soon as school is over, tell mom that the next time she puts my whites in with my colors I am going to be super pissed.

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Country steteotypes and rocker stereotypes look stupid together


Oh look, it’s Stephen Tyler and Garth Brooks. 10 bucks says they were fighting over the jukebox moments before this photo was taken and they realized that a round of Bud Light can bridge cultures in ways that the UN never imagined. Get ready Palestine and Israel, you’re next.

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Hanging out with the guy on the right looks stupid


Guy in grey: “Listen, I’m really sorry that I brought my uncle. I thought he was just going to drop me off.”

Guy in orange: “Why is he wearing his visor on his belt loop? It’s really hot out. If you don’t wear a visor now, when do you wear it?”

Guy in grey: “I dont know. I’ll ask him when he gets off the phone. Is that guy behind us with you?”

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Butterbean looks stupid


Did this actually work for him? What’s more patriotic than getting your weight up to 400 Lbs and then making it hard to knock you out? Everyone liked that episode of The Simpsons where Homer tried to box because it was such a stupid idea, not because¬† Homer was a great athlete. It’s like painting your body blue and floating in the ocean and then expecting congratulations when nobody can see you.

Also, wicked tits.

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Pretending you’re a transformer looks stupid


Very convincing costume. I suppose you’re now able to turn your shoulders into wheels? Normally I’d think, “Don’t give him a hard time, it’s Halloween.” But not today. Those Christmas lights behind you mean you’re about two months too late to be doing this without ridicule. Dressing up like a robot won’t make you a robot. It won’t even make people think you’re a robot.

It’ll make people think you’re never going to get laid.

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